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Secured boundary wall and entry/exit gates with proper arrangement for controlling the incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles, good & etc.

Elaborate intercom system to connect each apartment from reception lobby. Individual mailbox for each apartment too.

kitchen design

The floor of kitchen shall be finished with homogeneous tiles as per company standard. The working platform shall be granite as per company standard. Exhaust fan suitably located for burner & provision for hot-cold water lines. Stainless steel counter top sink as per company standard.

Superior quality lift from reputed manufacturers. Lift having adequate lighting, well finished doors and cabin, emergency alarm and intercom line.

Roof top

Tiled finished seating arrangement with roof top garden provided at suitable locations with cloth drying stands suitably placed. Special treatment to be done for better thermal insulation on roof. Proper slope to be maintained to protect the roof from dampness.

Separate staircases for the buildings have spacious lobbies with considerations for easy to climb steps and adequate lighting, stair hand rail to be SS/Teak champ wood with french polish.

Stair-lift lobby

Elegantly designed stair-lift lobby finished with tiles.

Best quality combi-set and bathroom fittings as per company standard in master, children and common toilet. Provision for hot-cold water lines for master, child toilet and kitchen room with separate plug points for geysers. 

Toilet design

Sliding windows with clear glass complete with mohair and rain water barrier in aluminum sections. Safety grilles shall be provided in all windows.

Both frame and shutter of seasoned teak or superior quality imported shutter. 

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